What are the Most Common Home Radiator Problems?

It’s frustrating to see the radiator stopping to do the very thing it is supposed to do. As these devices go on a hibernation period for the whole summer season, several problems do come up and they are quite common. Luckily the solutions are also as simple as the problems themselves. And this is why in this article we’ll tell you the most common reasons why the radiator is not heating up. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons why Radiators won’t heat up and their solutions

There are several common complaints people have with regards to the radiators. Here we have tried to list them all along with their possible solutions.

  • Radiator is cold at bottom but warm at the top

The most probable reason behind this problem is build-up of gunk or sludge in the radiator. You have to flush it out so that proper circulation of water/steam is ensured. All you have to do is close the valves on the radiators and remove them. Now clean out the insides of the radiator with a water hose until the sludge gets cleared. You can now turn on the radiator and see if it’s working.

However, if the problem persists, you may need to call an expert as there might be issues regarding a broken pipe or a poorly designed heating system.

  • Radiator hot at the bottom but cold at the top

One of the reasons why the radiator is not working is because of trapped air. In this situation, the bottom part is hot and the top part is cold. It is the most common problem with radiators and pretty easy and fun to fix too. You need to ‘bleed’ the radiator to get it working again in this scenario. Here’s the whole process you need to follow-

  • Get a radiator key or screwdriver.
  • A bowl or container (to collect the water that might fall off)
  • A cloth piece or towel

Now, first of all find the bleeding valve on your radiator. Usually, it is located on the top part on the inner or extreme side of the panel. When you find the bleeding valve, put the key or screwdriver and rotate it anticlockwise. ( Just make sure you don’t open the bleeding valve fully as it gets tough closing it again). 

Doing this would release the trapped air inside the radiator and as soon as the air gets out, you’ll see the water dripping out. It is at this point you need to tighten the bleeding valve again. After that just replenish the boiler until the pressure is restored.

  • Entire Radiator is Cold

If your entire radiator is cold and trapped air is not a problem, there might be some issues with the valves. 

Sometimes the problem gets too much in our mind that we forget to check the basics. So here, first, check if the valves are turned on or not. Make sure all the valves are open. 

There also exists the problem of thermostat getting seized often, simply due to age. In such cases, try using some tools and grease to get it working smoothly again by removing dirt and adjusting the pins a little bit. However if the radiator still doesn’t get resolved, you should consider taking the help of a professional. 

  • The heating feels tepid or not warm enough 

In such situations, you need to set the thermostat to a higher temperature. This is because when the radiator reaches the desired temperature, it stops heating. However even after shooting the thermostat the problem doesn’t get resolved, you may need professional help again. 

  • One of the Radiator not heating up

While witnessing any electrical equipment getting messed-up is not a sight everybody loves, it’s still better than having the whole system going south. So if one of the radiators among all present in your house is not working, the problem is comparatively easy to be rectified and won’t create a hole in your pocket. 

However, if all of the radiators are suffering from one problem or the other, then definitely the issue is with the boiler and the central heater. In such situations, you should immediately contact a trained professional and let him solve the issue. 

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Some Suggestions from our side

Having 40 years of experience in trade, retail, and distribution in the plumbing and heating industry, we believe there exist some thumb rules regarding the usage of radiators. We’ll try to lay them out here.

  • For keeping your radiators alive and working, you should use them frequently, so instead of using only one and keeping others off, try taking the service of each one of them.
  • Place the thermostat at places where direct sunlight doesn’t fall on it. Also, try to keep curtains away from the thermostat so that they don’t obstruct it in reading the exact temperature of the room.
  • It’s good to get them serviced once in a while, this ensures that smudge doesn't build up and trapped air is kept at bay. Ideally, get them checked before the onset of winter season.

Parting Notes

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