Redesigning Your Loft with an Anthracite Radiator

Radiators remain popular in the new millennium. We at Eastgate Radiators should know, given that we continue to receive orders for such devices. Despite their longevity, these heating systems continue to be depicted in media as hallmarks of the past. As a result, many people associate them with the Victorian Era and the turn of the 20th century.

Manufacturers do not always do enough to dispel the notion. The designs of these radiators often deliberately harken back to those bygone eras. Many find this approach charming and sophisticated, hence the choice to continue producing them like this. However, the vintage aesthetic does not fit every home, and potential fans may feel discouraged.

People who like the system and want it for a modern home should have options that suit their style. Luckily, these options do exist in the form of anthracite radiators. Here is some more information on what they are and the different types.

What is an Anthracite Radiator?

Anthracite is a type of coal known as hard coal. With a carbon content percentage range of 92-98%, high energy density, and fewer impurities than any other type, it is treasured as the highest-ranking coal. Anthracite radiators are not made from coal, of course — most are built with aluminum. In their name, the term “anthracite” refers to the finish on the heater.

The finish is almost always a medium or dark grey, which could be compared to the color of coal. However, the reason they are called anthracite radiators instead of coal radiators — besides avoiding confusion over the heat source — is the quality of the finish. It looks sleek, stylish, and distinctly modern. Better still, while it may appear striking at first glance, it also blends nicely with neutral backgrounds and stands out in rooms with brighter colors.

Heaters with the anthracite finish are considered designer radiators, and they used to be quite expensive. Now, thanks to changes in the manufacturing process and the industry itself, they are much more affordable. Homeowners who appreciate the benefits of radiators can now find something that suits their home’s contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.

Types of Anthracite Radiators

The anthracite radiator stands out from other types of radiators due to its unique design. However, it is also a category comprising several different models. Most of them are functionally identical, meaning that the appearance is the main factor for determining the one you should get. Here are five major variants on the anthracite radiator concept, for your shopping convenience.

  • Column

Column radiators are almost certainly the most famous type of radiator out there, and many people simply cannot picture these heating systems without that design. Unfortunately, its status as a classic may clash with those who want modern home décor. If they really want a radiator, though, they can get have it both ways with the column anthracite radiator.

This type retains the beloved tubular design, but with a classy and contemporary shade of grey coating the exterior. It works just as well as any other column radiator, and vertical and horizontal models are available. No matter what, they can blend perfectly with the rest of the home and bring the traditional build to the present day.

  • Oval

At a glance, oval anthracite radiators may look exactly the same as the average column radiator. Anyone expected columns curved into an elliptical shape may be confused by the name. They need to take a closer look to see that each column is an oval tube, with a hole in that shape rather than the traditional circle.

This subtle touch does not have a significant effect on the function of the radiator. It works well enough and heats whatever room it is in. It can, however, create a greater visual impact and stand out from other models. Anthracite radiators already look great with their finish, but the surprising detail of an oval tube can make it even more chic.

  • Flat-Panel

Flat-panel anthracite radiators do away with the tube-based look altogether, creating a new tradition in the process. Instead of visible pipes curving out of the wall and floor, they feature boards. The additional surface area allows for greater radiation of heat from the installation to the rest of the room.

Flat panels offer more benefits. They are generally much slimmer, with each one spanning a couple of inches in length, and they can be hung from walls. Both aspects give homeowners more freedom with their decoration and set-up. On top of that, they cannot be mistaken for 19th-century relics. The anthracite finish only serves to complement a sleek and thoroughly modern design.

  • Double Panel

Some anthracite radiators have just the one flat panel on the front, concealing a standard heating system. Others, known as double panel types, make use of two panels. One is flat and designed to emit heat while looking stylish. The other rests on the wall, with a hollowed area between them to hold and warm up the water.

As the name might suggest, double panel heaters can provide heat to a larger area than their flat-panel counterparts. With that said, they are also generally more compact than other kinds of heaters.

  • Towel

Anthracite radiators can serve any room in the house, including the bathroom. In fact, there is a special type of heater just for these areas: the towel radiator. Options with panels instead of tubes are available, complete with the anthracite finish. Note that the finish does not come off, even with all the moisture and steam.

These heaters have that moniker because they are built with spaces between the sheets. You can rest multiple towels on top of each section, as well as anything else you want to set down that can fit.

Order an Anthracite Radiator for Your Home

Anthracite radiators are a wonderful addition to many kinds of homes. They are compatible with many different aesthetic styles and color palettes, and they can heat a space just as well as their traditional counterparts. If designer anthracite radiators interest you, you can find plenty of examples and other classy types of heaters right here at Eastgate Radiators. Order from us today and we will send it right away.

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