Your Guide to Heated Towel Racks & Rails

They say bathroom remodels are a nightmare. While we tend to agree, we love introducing folks to a simple addition that gives the feel of a bathroom remodel (without the holes in the walls and the dips in the budget).

When families install towel racks into their bathrooms, they're looking at an instant facelift with a major perk. Gone are the mornings where the relaxation from a warm shower or bath quickly dissipates as the curtain is peeled back and the cold air hits our flesh.

Heated towel rails heat our plush cotton towels and they heat the space within our bathrooms. So, let's take a moment to discuss what they are, how they're made, and which style will work best within your space.

Eclipse Heated Towel Rails

What Is a Heated Towel Rail?

What is a heated towel rail, you say? Glory. It's glory in a couple of expertly-placed stainless steel pipes. There are a few amenities that are worth a bit of a splurge. They are plush sheets and cloud-soft towels. And the best way to enjoy these indulgences is by plucking a warm towel off the rack after a nice, steamy bath or shower.

As you shop, you may come across two terms: heated towel rack and heated towel rail. There's a slight difference between the two. A towel rack tends to refer to the unit as a whole while a rail is a bar upon which our towels hang. 

Towel rails can be operated in one of two different ways. First, they can be plumbed like a radiator. In this case, water from your central boiler will heat the rails. Second, they can switch on like an electric heater, warmed with a heating element.

Liso Heated Towel Rails

Benefits of Heated Towel Rails

Why let the luxury stop when you turn off the faucet in the shower or step out of the bath? A toasty, warm towel at the end of your rejuvenation is the best way to prolong the feelings of freshness and warmth.

Of course, life isn't all rainbows and butterflies. And, many people shrug towel rails off as an unnecessary indulgence. But, we do not concur! The benefits of a towel rail extend far beyond a desire to luxuriate.

How many of us have hung a wet towel up and noticed it was still quite damp a little while later? This is where that funk comes from if we haven't washed our towels in a couple of days. A heated towel rail helps to reduce mildew by drying our wet towels faster.

Also, towel rails tend to act as wonderful little space heaters. They're a nice supplement, providing warmth within the space of a bathroom. And, again, this will help the bathroom steer clear of the detriments of mold and mildew.

Finally, if you come running in off the damp streets of Essex after a rain shower, you have a place for your wet scarves and outerwear. Turn on your towel rail and dry them up while you steep a pot of tea.

Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Styles of Heated Towel Rails

Typically, when considering a heated towel rack, you have a few mounting options. It can be mounted to a wall, mounted to the floor, or freestanding. These selections are entirely up to you, although you'll tend to see wall-mounted racks quite frequently.

This happens for a couple of different reasons. First, if it's tied into the home's central heating system, it'll typically be wall-mounted so it can hook into the pipes. Second, it offers a nicer aesthetic. When a towel rail isn't eating up floor space, it creates an open feel within our beloved spas and bathrooms.

Then, you also have a few options regarding materials. A popular one is stainless steel. But, towel rails can also be made of straight steel or aluminum. In some homes and hotels, you may come across brass or copper, as well. The finish on the rails is typically chrome plating, polished steel, or lacquer.

Here at East Gate, we love talking options. You might consider a clean look with one of our white towel rails. Of course, you can also shine things up with a chrome finish, or a stainless steel rack. You might opt for a small, square wall-mounted unit. Or, you can opt for our Liso rail with flat bars, giving it a modern, sleek look. The choice is yours, no matter your fancy.

Electric Towel Rails

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Let's continue the conversation on options. The manner in which you heat your rack is one of your most important decisions. It can be warmed via electric or central heating. If you choose an electric towel rail, it can be used with a heating element. If you choose central heating, the towel rail or rack will tie into your central heating system.

Some folks opt for one or the other. But, if you choose to warm your rail through your central heating system, what happens in those warm summer months when you're not heating your home? You won't be able to enjoy a plush, warm towel when you step out of the shower.

To keep their towel rails functioning all year round, some customers opt for a dual fuel towel rail. This provides the option to operate it through your central heating system or the heating element. Dual fuel is a wonderful option for the summertime and it's also economically sound.

Introduce Your Family to Towel Rails Today

If you've been itching to give your bathroom a bit of a remodel, then heated towel racks are the easy solution. They're simple to install, come with a wealth of options, and can up the ante on your desire for a touch of poshness.

Our Eastgate heated towel rail range is quite extensive. It was our goal to design a rack for a multitude of interiors, combining efficiency and style. If you're opting for a dual fuel or central heating system, we can also hook you up with a great plumber.

We're here to help you select a fantastic heater and hook it into your home in no time at all. We wish you a lifetime of relaxing, invigorating shower time.


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